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Why the MCAT Is Harder Than a Typical College Exam

The duration, scope and rigor of the MCAT make it difficult even for academic overachievers.

Perfect and Near-Perfect MCAT Scores Are Rare

How Hard Is the MCAT and Why Is it Difficult?

Challenge No. 1: The Length of the MCAT

Challenge No. 2: The Breadth and Depth of the MCAT

Challenge No. 3: The Diverse Skill Set Required To Achieve a Top MCAT Score

How to Prepare Properly for This Tough Test?

To know answers of all these questions please follow the link (

Young African American woman at home, dressed in casual sweater and working or studying.
Even if you had success cramming for college finals, experts warn not to try that tactic when taking the MCAT (GETTY IMAGES)

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